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Camper Throwdown

Sonoron Desert Living - Camper Throwdown


For one it's a change of pace- our team is used to tearing down walls and doing all sorts of modifications instead we opted for something small.

Because it's a different challenge. In a camper you are forced to work in the confines of space and weight. This cascades into limiting your materials and choices. Plus it makes you do a whole lot of research and learn new things.

Another reason is the design. I love interior design and designing a barely 200 sq ft space is definitely different! Lastly it's fun, we are excited to actually use the camper!



Rachel Camper Design.png


My Camper a 1991 Kit Monterey will be pretty much opposite of Wendy's. Think white brass, linen, fur.... 

Wendy Camper Design.png


Wendy's 1971 Red Dale is going to have a simplistic vintage vibe. The wallpaper has bananas though!