A little remodel...

So this is it- our latest flip. We had fun with this one especially since it was only 1125 sq ft! But as always it was a rollercoaster. So let's talk about some of the behind the scenes stuff- 

Upon starting this job we realized a few things we hadn't thought about in our first couple of walkthroughs. Not that we had the inside removed its as time to finalize the kitchen layout- well it was a little more tricky than we had anticipated. This is not out of the norm- once you get down to inches there are some things to be realized. This particular kitchen is IKEA so we were using the kitchen planner to guide us through this one IKEA KITCHEN PLANNER PHOTO. Upon taking some additional measurements we realized that the sink was not going to be centered over the window which was to me a travesty. Next we plugged in the appliances and the island and then had some serious second thoughts. We couldn't have a kitchen that is not functional but we also could not have a wide open space in this little box of a house. After some late night back and forth, cocktails, and more time with the kitchen planner-  we decided to move the refrigerator to the other side and cancel one of the hallway doors. 

So trashy looking in the beginning

So trashy looking in the beginning


Window install proved to be interesting since we had recessed windows we assumed they were set in block- NOT. So once we cut the windows out and re-installed it was looking pretty rough. Stucco was a breeze and then we turned our attention back inside. We noticed that the ceiling in the kitchen was a bit cracked due to the plaster so next up - well there was no insulation in any of the exterior walls or ceiling! Not sure how the folks that lived there prior paid their AC bills! So we set out to make a ton if holes in the walls to blow in the insulation. 

At this point I was getting impatient because we werent to the "pretty stuff" yet. No offense to y'all that love drywall and insulation but its boring AF. A week later we had an insulated house, new living room ceiling, and patched drywall. Now off to the races--->

While the crew was handling all of the non-exciting must-do things I was off meeting with some of my vendors to talk shop.  Some of the most important things to me when I'm doing a flip are: Flooring, countertops, and specialty items such as shutters, barn doors etc. 

Turney was the first home in the world to get Arizona's Geronimo Marble 

Turney was the first home in the world to get Arizona's Geronimo Marble 

Flooring is probably number one, not only is it at the top of the list as far as expense it will make or break your project. Things I needed to consider were of course budget but wait- lets talk about the other less obvious things. The overall appeal based on trends in the area, the neighborhood, and the perceived value. Finish quality and color is another deal breaker. One finish for one side of town will not work for the other. Also its good to have a couple of higher end finishes that mix in with the lower grade ones to make it pop. Counters and backsplash are worth spending time pondering. Your home needs to stand out, be unique but still appeal to the masses. This is especially important in Phoenix as most homes on the market are remodeled or flipped. The buyer is accustomed to upgrades and expects something special. 

Once we chose all of the finishes it was time to execute and to balance the work and timing with all of our trades. This can be tricky! It's like walking a tightrope. Everything needs to align perfectly or you'll fall- well maybe not that bad but I guess what I'm trying to say is that every single thing depends on something else. My best advice is that someone needs to be on site every day to field questions, catch mistakes, and keep progress on track. It takes a village people! 


Once we get well under way with finishes we turn to deadlines. This particular house we had a party planned to announce our new product Revive + Remodel which designs for the public. Party = Panic the house needed to be done not only for photos but for this event that we had heavily advertised, ordered food, live music and you name it else. The morning of the party the house was a mess there was sawdust on the floor the oval toilet didn't let the bathroom door shut and other general nonsense! We didn't panic we persevered and at 4pm in the people came, food and music flowing it was a success! 2 days later we put the home on the market and sold it within the first few hours over our list price. Another happy buyer!


Here are some before, after, and detail photos. Professional Photography by Life Created other photos by Tom or myself