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It all started when...

I decided to leave the corporate world and start my own business. I had wanted to do this for years- but it was scary and I was petrified! By putting one foot of the other I focused on getting it started and immersed myself. I forgot about fear and felt like I was flying- I still do to this day. It's a feeling so hard to put into words- think ecstatic. 

All of those boring corporate jobs- 15 years worth of them was about to pay off. You know how they say once you learn how to ride a bike you can do it with your eyes closed? It's the same with business,  marketing, networking and the like. You don't just speak that language you breathe it, its in your DNA.

People ask- how did you do this, how can I duplicate it, and a ton of other questions. The truth is that there is so much already in my DNA I'm not sure I could begin to define every accomplished feat. If I could bottle this and sell it- I'd be a billionaire. I'll let you know how that goes. 

 For now what I will say is that I have an incredible team that works with me and we craft a serious product. Whether you're buying/selling a home, looking for wholesale properties, vacation rentals, or hiring us to design your home- I promise we will exceed your expectations. 

Sonoran Desert Living - Rachel Hugenschmidt

rachel hugenschmidt

Interior Designer, Real Estate Agent, Wholesaler, Entrepreneur. Leaving the predictive corporate world wasn't easy but it turned out to be amazing. Sky's the limit- we can do anything! Meet my team and lets find or create the home of your dreams! When it comes to buying or selling houses look no further. Negotiating for buyers and getting top dollar for Sellers is my specialty! Contact me directly at or 602.909.3029

Sonoran Desert Living - Analee Greeley

analee greeley

Analee is our Artist she draws our life. A problem solver she assists with configuration on our remodels, creates drawings and renderings. As a Jr. Design Associate she's got our aesthetic down and takes on portions of our design projects.

Sonoran Desert Living - Anderson Phillips.jpg

anderson phillips

Working both for Sonoran Desert Living and New Age Cabinetry Anderson is our go-to girl when it comes to client projects. From kitchens to bathrooms to furniture she finds the solutions our clients need. Her artistic side blends well with our aesthetic.

Sonoran Desert Living - Vincent Goodrich

vincent goodrich

As our preferred lender we like to call Vinny our Money Man. Motivated to the hilt- Vinny wants assist his clients to the best of his ability. Whether you are relocating to the Phoenix metro area or just looking for that perfect spot to call home- Vinny's ready to help!

Sonoran Desert Living - Angela Wart

angela wart

Angela is our behind the scenes genius. There are a lot of moving parts and Angela is on it. We like to call her our Hero. Angela also helps with our social media, events etc. There is no task too large or small and we are lucky to have her behind the scenes.

Sonoran Desert Living - Marty Hugenschmidt

marty hugenschmidt

Yep that long name again... Marty brings us 25 years of construction expertise. He knows what it takes to get things done. Besides being a project manager Marty can craft handmade items such as barn doors, range hoods, metal work he's our Go To. We imported him from Houston, TX and he is enjoying the Arizona sunshine, and he sees its a "dry heat".

Sonoran Desert Living - Tom Zatlukal

tom zatlukal

A former Fortune 50 company wireless engineer, Tom now manages our process, projects, and vendors. Most importantly Tom crafts handmade items that we design in-house. These are the one of the kind items that throw our remodels over the top. We like to call him The Brains. [of our operation]

DSC_5500 (1).jpg


Our design assistant, our mascot, Mara is part of our team- she often visits the homes throughout the process especially for staging and photos. Update- we just added a new member Mason photo coming soon.


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